The Shape Of It Stretches Before You (live)

from by VILLULIA

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The chain link was a tattered and weak metal flag

hanging limp in the fog and forgotten.
We slipped through like ghosts and we hid in the throat
of the border between this world and that one.

We fall in. I catch a look in your eye I’m pulled out again,

I’m here calling a name
I don’t know how to say
but in the sound of the train
I heard every breath I was trying to take
and every noise that the world ever made

I heard all my friends laughing
I heard them falling apart
I heard the factories scream
and the beating of my heart

every voice lost in the steel monster’s roar
whispers in your ear through the maelstrom


In madness you walk through the air above time
and the shape of it stretches it before you

beware, beware if you’re travelling there
hold fast to your friends who might moor you
or go into the blue if they’re sailing with you
and sing songs to be heard through the darkness

The compass
points inwards
its needle sews your eyes awake

Take one more step in this rusty world
you’ll find yourself thin and invisible

each tired body is a place
made of mountains and laughter’s landscapes.
all are blindly moving towards
where we will cease to sing our solitary verse.

there is something
we all are struggling to say
it’s in the ripples of the stone you skipped across the bay
where is that stone now?

When I don’t know what to say
when I don’t know what to make
or the pitch perfect chords you want me to play
I will turn my ears to the trains.


from VILLULIA, released October 30, 2012




VILLULIA Providence, Rhode Island

Nathan and Noel'le live together in Providence and are more or less married. They're not playing shows/writing new music right now because of scheduling conflicts, but hope to again someday.

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